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Japanese History by DEROLL

japanese history hisakuzu shimizu tokyo weekly

Of the many exhibitions that took place this year, the one that was most talked about was most likely the “Japanese History” exhibition.  These works used Ii Naosuke as a motif.  He guided Japan from being nationally isolated to being opened up by using forceful leadership as an important person to the “Edo Bakufu,” the government of Edo.  He was then assassinated after leading a counter force against the powers.  There is no mistaking that featuring a historical figure with a slightly “dirty” image, to many Japanese has never and will never happen again.  What does the opening up of Japan mean to the country and what does this conversion mean to Japanese history as a whole?

Mr. Okada who planned the exhibit, and the playfulness of Mr. Shimizu, the designer, challenge the identity of the Japanese people who come to view the exhibit.  Since opening to the world, cutting their “mage” (ancient male hairstyle of Japanese), getting rid of the kimono, the Japanese have changed their identity and become a money saving country. (Private property 1,500,000,000,000,000 Yen) The idea that a savings box container appears to be a huge “mage” like sushi, is very strange.  Further a beautiful mirror made with an image of Ii Naosuke’s face, cannot be considered an object of mere irony or jokes.  It helps us to think about the fact that we are Japanese, to think about Japanese history, and to realize that this object that seems as though it is a joke could be considered good design.

japanese history hisakuzu shimizu space intart tokyo tokyo weekly

japanese history hisakuzu shimizu space intart tokyo weekly

chonmage and mt fuji tokyo weekly

japanese history hisakuzu shimizu space intart 1 tokyo weekly

ii naosuke tokyo weekly

DEROLL is a design brand of EIZO OKADA who directs the direction of design.net.
Designer: Shimizu Hisakazu
Has worked on the canon compact digital camera IXY digital series as an in house designer, as well as the SABO STUDIO director.

photos by: Muga Miyahara

Written by Keiji Ashizawa
Translated by Hannah Hernandez

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