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A Very Bauhaus German Home for an Extended Family

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The Strauss Residence by Alexander Brenner Architekten is an imposing structure reminiscenmt of the Bauhaus movement.

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Located in  in Stuttgart, Germany, it houses a large multigenerational family – a couple, with their two children, and their parents.

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Its all-natural material palette is somber, deliberate and weighty: stone, stucco, serious hardwoods.

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Delineating the scultural exterior, highly polished black marble is juxtaposed with slabs of smooth matte white stucco.

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The carefully sculpted exterior includes an interesting L shape shelf over the front door.

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Despite the no nonsense practicality, there’s an amusing contrast in the sweet romance of the chandelier and the deer antlers.

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The kitchen is along a wide corridor that offers visual connection directly to the garden at both ends.

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It also has a sightline directly out to the pool area of the garden.

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The small pool is sheltered in the corner of the high walled compound.

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An abstract crazy quilt of cupboards in the kitchen is well disguised as a sculptural piece.

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The large home is a live work office for the couple at the below-ground level, while the two stories above are the family quarters.


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