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Design Dilemma: Under the Stairs, Transformed

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Who would have thought that the space under a stairway could be not only useful, but beautiful? We’ve got some fabulous examples of just how beautiful this space can be when transformed into bookshelves, wine racks, storage chests and more.

Take a look:

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Have you ever wished you had an extra chest for your shirts or underwear? Why not transform each step into a drawer? The above stairway is as beautifully crafted as any piece of fine furniture. It works especially well, since it leads to a raised bed in a loft-style bedroom. Below, we’ve got another taken on the drawer theme with the drawers opening on a different side:

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What’s cool about the above drawers is that they work as shelves at the same time!

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Or what about the craftsmanship of the above staircase in which shelves are actually an integral aspect of the structure itself. It’s chic, modern and useful as a display case or bookshelf. Below, another example in the same vein:

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Or have you ever thought of using the space as a wine rack? It’s a neat little trick, especially if your stairway backs onto an open kitchen or dining room:

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Finally, we like the simple and chic solution of the following built-in for under your stairway.  These artful shelves can be used for just about anything from books and magazines to curios or your now vintage CD collection.

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