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An Inviting Pool Annex in Beijing’s Fragrant Hill

pool9 architecture
Beijing’s Zephyr Architects have created a swimming pool annex for a swimming-enthusiast couple that recreates the tranquil feeling of dappled light moving within a natural environment.

pool01 architecture

The main consideration is to bring nature into the pool. The skylights and windows let in sunlight and reflect the passing of time during the course of a day and seasons of the year.

pool6 architecture

The dappled sunlight comes in through three sizes of window openings: 1200mm, 800mm and 400mm.

pool2 architecture

The subtle change in lighting throughout the day makes it an inviting and meditative place for relaxation, with an always changing environment.

pool7 architecture

The huge pool annex creates a new small courtyard space between it and the existing building.

pool0 architecture

The pool is sited down a boundary line that has neighbors close.

pool8 architecture

The interior wall of the pool annex thus acts as a wall, giving the courtyard privacy by shielding it from neighboring homes and streets.

pool4 architecture

On the plan you will notice that the pool room is not a rectangle. This artificially created perspective creates an illusion of a deeper interior.

pool5 architecture

Between the pool annex and the existing house is a rest area with a sauna, a skylit shower, and a lounge for sunbathing after swimming.

pool3 architecture

The fenestration is designed according to lighting and privacy needs. There are more openings in the southwest facade, facing the courtyard, and less in the east façade adjacent to neighboring home.

pool02 architecture

By creating reflections through the water and moving squares of dappled light on the wall, the sunlight continually changes and animates the space.

pool1 architecture

Even at night, the pool beckons invitingly, making sure that exercise will always be regular part of the lives of the couple, regardless of weather.

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One comment so far to “An Inviting Pool Annex in Beijing’s Fragrant Hill”
  1. Tina Says:

    This is absolutely stunning, both from a usuage point of view & architectural. Although its very boxy it manages to look inviting too. Good job.

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