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Stunning Coral Gables Residence Flauts Gated Community

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A clearly stated soaring roof makes Coral Gables Residence a sculptural work of art.

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In some ways the hole punched in its center is the heart of the home.

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The hole domes a second floor terrace courtyard open to the sky.

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Faced with the task of creating a modernist home in an area that has strict City codes preventing any departure from traditional homes in a stiff upper lip neighborhood,  Touzet Studio nevertheless got away with it, with a posh stone clad façade facing the street.

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The client’s brief for the architect had been for a super modernist house, regardless of the rules.

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The wild side of the house, looking out to the Barrier Islands, is in stark contrast to its hyper-urbane entrance.

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A pioneer in the technology field, the client wanted to be able to comfortably entertain large numbers of guests.

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The architects say: “the terrace acts as a division to the two sides of the home. It is a private and quiet space to reflect before retiring for the evening. The lush tops of the palm trees add a layer of depth to the scenery that would otherwise be amiss.”

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An utterly iconic house.

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