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A Contemplative Swedish Summer House in Stockholm’s Archipelago

villa 1 architecture

Sweden’s archipelago is an area of many summer houses – to accommodate all that wonderful Scandinavian holiday time off!

Right at the water’s edge is the Villa Plus, by the Swedish architectural firm Waldemarson Berglund Arkitekter.

villa15 architecture

In quintessentially Swedish style, the low-slung summer house entices its occupants to bask in the light of Scandinavia’s long summer evenings.

villa2 architecture

Because of the difficulties of reaching the site, the construction method was designed to be very simple and rational.

By allowing the untreated pine panel to breathe and age naturally, a completely maintenance free facade was created.

villa19 architecture

The library aerie at its peak is disarmingly simple. Towards the back, it forms a snug and cosy high place, like a treehouse, to curl up with a good book.

villa14 architecture

At the other end, to the front of the cube, the block-like form creates a setting for a single Swedish toy rocking horse… and a pale driftwood-like frame for the pale and bleached view.

villa13 architecture

Both inside, and out, the pine has been left unfinished, in a typical Scandinavian style of acceptance of the changes brought by natual aging of wood.

villa5 architecture

Only the library retreat is in the upper floor, all of the public and private spaces are along the ground floor, raised above ground level.

villa18 architecture

The house seems as if it has simply quietly existed there for some time – almost like a ship settled in the flat shoreline.

villa4 architecture

The building entrance is located in an axis that connects to a trail that follows down to the jetty.

villa10 architecture

The ground floor houses along its long side a spacious living room with a fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms.

villa16 architecture

Only the private rooms face to the back or sides.

villa9 architecture

Because the house is long and narrow, and with glazing along the length of both front and back, Sweden’s cool northern light is maximized.

villa17 architecture

With its length set parallel to the ocean edge, the layout relies on long walks beside the seaside, simply in order to get to each part of the house.

villa6 architecture

Spaces for contemplative viewing of the peaceful seaside abound along the deck. As they age, the boards will become silverish and blend in with the pine forest around.

villa11 architecture

A large family can be accommodated farmhouse-style at the generous worn oak table.

villa8 architecture

But hardy Swedes also brave the sometimes chilly weather on the archipelago to enjoy a meal outdoors.

villa7 architecture

The low-slung house is peacefully settled within the dunes, along the shoreline.

villa12 architecture

From every window, the calming presence of the meditative seascape is right there.

villa3 architecture

Because the house is sited so close to the shore, and is extremely exposed to wind and water, it had to be placed on a system of posts, so that the waves can pass underneath if needed.

The choice of materials was likewise limited to those which could withstand the effects of weather and age beautifully.

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