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The Sustainable and Iconic Long Beach Hotel on Mauritius

mauritius1 architecture

Stauch Vorster Architects designed the very elegant eco-glam Long Beach Hotel for Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa.

mauritius01 architecture

Its unique two-story-height shutters allow the ocean breezes to whisk entirely through the heart of the iconic hotel.

mauitius8 architecture

A number of open air pavilions dotted throughout the resort are integrated seamlessly with the gorgeous tropical setting.

mauritius02 architecture

Lush and romantic, yet the bare-bones eco design takes advantage of the tropical climate for energy conservation.

mauritius014 architecture

The minimal concrete-and-wooden-shutters architecture style is refreshingly simple and elegant.

mauritius19 architecture

All of the guest rooms are positioned in crescent clusters to achieve the maximum sea views from all terraces.

mauritius10 architecture

Indoor/outdoor living is the order of the day for this kind of relaxed architecture.

mauritius012 architecture

Stone tile floors allow for sandy feet to pad right in directly off the beach for the best of seaside living.

Sometimes the ultimate in luxury is the freedom of this kind of relaxed lifestyle: Long Beach Hotel is a five star luxury resort.

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