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A Contemporary Stone House with a Green Lawn Roof

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What a wonderful crisp contrast. The white framing and the green roof; spliced by a white-framed peephole, spying a pool on the deck below.

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The house, set in in Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic, was designed by VASHO architects to house 18 people comfortably.

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The jiggered green roof allows for a clerestory, bringing the cool forest light in from all around.

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The roof evolves very softly and naturally out of the hillside slope.

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The eco-chic deck offers real immersion in the rainforest setting.

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The house is built into the hillside – which cools it to the temperature of the bedrock.

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Stones collected from the site itself make a sturdy and low impact building structure.

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This stone is not a mere facade, but actually forms both the finished interior and the exterior structural wall.

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Each bedroom has its own bathroom and study, while the living room-dining room-kitchen is a generous shared space.

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A modest pool at the end of the deck invites one or two guests to lazily idle away the summer afternoons.

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The house is designed as a second home for use intermittently through the summer.

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For the architects, the greatest challenge was to create a space that comfortably houses 18 people on such a steep section.

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The architects’ solution was burrowing the length of the two floors into the hillside – not only creating the maximum of horizontal space, but an ecological retreat that partakes sensibly of its rainforest environment.

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