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A Cool and Practical Resort in the Dutch Caribbean

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Behind a high white stucco wall is the exotic tropical Garden Villa Iguana on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire.

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I love its perfect framed pavilion at the end of a languorous pool.

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The simple structure is simply a four poster daybed raised a little off the ground, offering shade in the hottest part of the day.

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Tropical cool marks the scrupulously eco-minimalist resort, contrasting the zing of white stucco, the warm embrace of tropical hardwood with the sheen of a soft grey patina of its flooring.

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The furniture is constructed in a similarly straightforward no-nonsense style.

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The presence of the nearby Caribbean Sea provides both a brisk trade wind and a tropical shelter.

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In the sultry heat, the chill of a polished concrete floor can be very inviting.

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The same material is used to sculpt a kitchen island table that works very well – the sink is out of the way at the narrow head of the table, rather than across from diners.

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Similarly, the same concrete material creates the resort’s eco-minimal bathroom sinks.

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Carving also this most elegant and simple of bathroom cabinets – with Dutch practicality.

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The very exotic and tropical holiday retreat can be found in the town of Kralendijk, in the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire

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