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A Pleasant Family Home on the Mediterranean Coast of Croatia

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Set in the familiar confines of a traditional Croatian village on the northern Mediterranean coast is this modern home for a small family by Zagreb-based 3LHD.

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In direct contrast to the surrounding village, the home is unabashedly modern in its lines.

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Lozice, Dubrovnik is an old Croatian settlement with a star-struck view straight across the Mediterranean Sea towards Italy.

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The house takes advantage of this with glazing on several levels bringing the ancient fabled sea right into the space, to seem almost like part of the house.

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An astonishing closeup from the parents’ bed makes it seem almost like floating directly above the sea.

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A charming stairway is broader than normal for an interior, adding a relaxing horizontal line to a gracious space.

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The interiors are simple and modernist, tough enough for kids, but no frills.

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A spacious shower area is reflected in a full length mirror that seems to double the bathroom.

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Glass is employed on the balustrading inside and out, creating an easy flow from outside to inside.

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The living spaces directly connect to the outdoor decks in terraces that are connected by stairs and go down to the sea.

The architects have created an easy and pleasant home that takes full advantage of its stunning setting.

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