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A Library as Habitation for a Serious Bookworm!

library9 architecture
Heh! This San Paulo home could truly be mistaken for the local public library.
library1 architecture
I know exactly who the client is here, because I grew up with someone who was exactly this type of literary addict. When I was growing up, every flat surface in our house was piled to the brim with Penguin paperbacks, hardcover histories, Shakespeare plays and Agatha Christie who-dunnits.
library2 architecture
My dear mother, (may she rest in peace) would easily plow through five or ten books a week. Once she realized what a waste of money all this book-buying was she quickly exhausted all the books in the local library – in English: leaving just books in French.

library8 architecture

(Then, she learned French so she would still have something to read.)
library3 architecture
This would be her absolute dream house. Even the mezzanine floors above look more like rolling library racks than floors.
library5 architecture
Like my mother would have, this client does make space for finally distractedly grabbing a bite to eat after all that reading. Here is the rudimentary dining room table. An afterthought.
library4 architecture
Here’s another table for grabbing breakfast. See the tiny table to the side, in the large and cozy beanbag-filled reading room? Just as long as it looks more like a reading desk in the library. I see long languid days of reading in this space. But there’s about five more on the mezzanines. All reading rooms, all the time.
library6 architecture
The vestibule looks more like the check out section of the library than the entry to a home.
library7 architecture
Look. It takes all sorts.

Brazilian architectural firm GrupoSP takes the design brief in stride, and creates a San Paulo home just as warm and welcoming a home as a total bookworm could wish for, if only they could spend their entire life curled up in a library.

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