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A Luxury Vacation Spot in Queensland

Alinghi Beach House 1 architecture

For a jaw-dropping $1,000 a night, you too can vacation in this architecturally interesting beach house.

Alinghi Beach House 2 architecture

Alinghi is a vacation home clinging to the cliffs of north Queensland’s Capricorn Coast, Australia.

Alinghi Beach House 3 architecture

A vast travertine stone terrace connects the front of this expansive cedar, glass and steel cliff top dwelling.

Alinghi Beach House 4 architecture

Both completely open, and cosily protected, the lines of the casually luxurious beach pad gather together the elements of comfort and sophistication.

Alinghi Beach House 5 architecture

For dining, an intriguing treehouse feeling is created by low windows that oversee the surrounding bush that leads to the sea.

Alinghi Beach House 7 architecture

The sheer ‘weight’ of all this travertine stone in the public pavilion suggest it is carved out of a limestone cliff.

Alinghi Beach House 8 architecture

Centered between the two pavilions, an even larger travertine terrace faces the infinite view.

Alinghi Beach House 6 architecture

In the sleeping pavilion on the other side, four fresh and sun-filled bedrooms drink in the ocean air.

Alinghi Beach House 11 architecture

Completely open to the salt sea spray in front, the master bedroom would feel as if it was hollowed out of the cliffs.

Alinghi Beach House 12 architecture

The walk-in shower with its eco-chic outdoor entrance makes short work of sandy feet coming in from the beach below.

Alinghi Beach House 10 architecture

For the sleeping pavilion, an abandoned beach shack feeling is created by the open slats – to elicit relaxing downtime.

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