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A Minimalist Masterpiece in a Historic Bauhaus Neighborhood

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Massive cubes characterise a Pitsou Kedem Architects house in Haifa, Israel.

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The house is sited in the French Carmel neighborhood of Haifa where the houses on the surrounding historic avenue are in the Bauhaus style; the minimalism of the 1930s.

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To fit in, the front of the building is almost anonymous, free of unnecessary ornamentation. Only the floating upper roof hints at contemporary design.

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Inside, facing sideways into the sun, huge secondary spaces are placed around one, large and open central atrium.

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The space created is one of a gloriously timeless quality.

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The sophisticated minimalism of the Bauhaus period is translated into huge sculptural volumes for living in.

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The soaring space is enjoyed from multiple vantage points.

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A walkway connects the childrens’ wing with the terrace above the master bedroom.

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At the heart, a double height living room.

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And behind a courtyard allowing a tree to grow, a study.

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Next to it, the master bedroom is open to the pool and the private garden beyond.

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This huge bedroom feels sited in the garden.

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Beyond the bedroom, an equally open bathroom shares the same generous proportions.

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Above them, a balcony terrace juts out into the space carved out inside the massive space.

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A very grand home for a very grand neighborhood.

According to the architects: “Despite the fact that different worlds and different eras exist in the space between the historical Bauhaus of the avenue and that of this modern and minimalistic home, there still exists a relationship between them, a feeling that one is not strange to the other.”

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