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A Modern Green Live/Work Home in the South

eco 1 architecture

A modern sustainable home near the historic district of Fayetteville, built in straightforward industrial materials has become a local landmark for the remarkable butterfly roof effect of its two shed roofs nearly joined.

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Local architects Lisa and Albert Skiles Architects have logged 30 years of their sustainable architecture practice in the South.

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Their down-home practice brings out the best in modern sustainable design. The resulting energy-efficient house has been Energy Star 5+ certified.

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Among the environmental goodies the design boasts, a geothermal heat pump keeps the interiors cooler in summer and warmer in winter, through the use of radiant heating and cooling within the concrete floors.

eco 5 architecture

The narrow footprint allows for natural light to permeate and enliven the compact design.

eco 6 architecture

Throughout, simple mass-produced industrial off-the-shelf materials are employed to reduce the embodied energy of the house.

eco 4 architecture

The windows over the kitchen sink are set low to cut the glare of the southern sun, while allowing supervision of children at play.
eco 8 architecture

The South-facing clerestory windows under the deep overhang of the roof are at just the right angle to make the most of the winter sunshine low in the sky, while shading the interior from the summer sun.

eco 3 architecture

Some quirky touches like the sliding ladder to a loft space bring a youthful verve to the house.

eco 9 architecture

The result is a fresh and modern take on a traditional architecture that references an appealing Southern vernacular, whil incorporating simple and effective energy conservation techniques.

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