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Crisp Minimalist Luxury in Posh Palm Springs

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Gorgeous simple clean lines mark the luxurious El Portal Resort in the historic Mesa neighborhood of Palm Springs.

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Through a tall gated wall, the entry path leads to a pure white cube entered along the side of an inviting turquoise pool in the arid desert landscape.

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An impossibly green lawn makes a surrealistic contrast with the natural brown of the San Jacinto Mountains in the background.

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Once inside, two floors of soaring glass bring the bright blue desert sky indoors.

61 architecture

An unusual pattern of three slim horizontal windows stacked in a column offer a glimpse of the distant mountains.

23 architecture

The resort is the epitome of understated luxury.

102 architecture

A series of huge glazed doors open out to the balmy desert air.

92 architecture

Striking lighting makes the utmost of a lone group of desert palms.

114 architecture

Warm California sunshine plays over an all blonde-on-blonde interior.

122 architecture
A quiet sense of indulgence is accentuated by the use of clean design lines throughout.

133 architecture

Bathroom mirrors are intriguingly set in to frames that suggest deeply inset windows.

142 architecture

Another series of stacked horizontal windows offers a glimpse of the perfectly manicured landscaping.

172 architecture

The elegant simplicity of its contemporary bathrooms complete the sense of relaxation and respite from the busy Southern California life.

72 architecture

The villa boasts four double bedrooms each with their own bathroom and a spacious shared kitchen/dining room that seats eight.

82 architecture

A home away from home where the discerning traveler can get away from it all – with their seven best friends.

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