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A Retro Little Townhouse in Sydney

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There is a youthful energy to this cheerful townhouse in downtown Sydney.

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You enter through a dining room with a feeling of a ’50s ice cream parlor.

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The little pool is a friendly presence right in the kitchen.

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A chipper little black spiral staircase supplies access straight up to a viewing roof.

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A rooftop hangout, casually finished in weathered wood, offers a natural respite from its uber-urban milieu.

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Even from the second floor living room, the view is opened out towards the coastline.

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This means the townhouse does not feel confined, despite its narrow suburban lot.

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The shiny and happy ’50s modern interior continues in a bright and sunny master bath upstairs.

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Interesting stairs are custom shaped to wrap a curved inner wall.

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The Sydney-based Australian architect Edward Szewczyk designed the beguilingly simple and cheerful house.

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