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Design Dilemma: Cool Pools, Third Edition

tropical pool gardening outdoor

It’s time to drool over a few cool pools again. If you haven’t noticed, we do it every year about this time, when the weather heats up and we get envious of all those out there who can take a cold dip in their own backyard. So here we go:

modern pool gardening outdoor

Thanks to underwater LED lights, the pool above glows in the dark. And below, a pool uses dashing red tiles to cut quite the figure. The pool is called “The Matador” and includes a lap pool and a retaining wall. It’s one of the few infinity pools we’ve seen that have provided the illusion of swimming into the trees!

modern pool gardening outdoor

We had to throw in the indoor pool below because the reflections of the glass and doors on the water reminds us of a Mondrian painting.

modern pool gardening outdoor

Do you wish you were at the beach instead of at poolside? Check this out:

tropical pool gardening outdoor

Could you ever have imagined a tree floating in the middle of a pool? Neither could we.

mediterranean pool gardening outdoor

We’re liking this pool which includes a cocktail table. The table is practical when you need a margarita while swimming, yet totally unobstrusive.

modern pool gardening outdoor

Do you have any cool pools to share? Send us a link to it!

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