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A Subtle and Colorful House in Richmond, Australia

richmond house 1 architecture
A tremendous variety of warm, colorful and playful materials are used in this infill project from Morris Partnership, on a challenging street in Richmond, Australia. To one side is a nondescript block of flats. To the other, a Victorian house has heritage protection.
richmond house 21 architecture
The materials used range from textured cement sheet, rusted corten steel, spotted gum timber, perforated metal, Alucobond and woven metal mesh.
richmond house 3 architecture
Then rich browns and reds are mixed in to contrast strongly with the grey of the cement sheet. The combination of the warm colors and the reflecting greys of steel create a pearly light.
richmond house 5 architecture
This almost pearlescent quality is created by the interplay of light on and through these subtle materials. The layering and transparency create a sense of elusiveness and contrasts in depth.
richmond house 7 architecture
The use of very playful combinations of colors, materials and technologies transitions easily throughout the house.
richmond house 8 architecture
Only the bathroom stops light dead with the hard edges of black and white tile.
richmond house 4 architecture
Light flows through the mesh to gently filter light to the ground floor rooms. The subtle materials palette has been deliberately restrained externally and relies on layering and transparency to create a sense of both elusiveness and contrasting depth.
richmond house 10 architecture

With most gentrification projects, architects don’t also consider how to improve the neighbors’ plots. But Richmond House features controlled watering which keeps the frontage lush.

This also waters the adjacent plots.
richmond house 1 architecture
This generously creates flourishing gardens to each side instead of the previously barren dirt. The abundant water is supplied by large rain harvesting tanks hidden in a stacked stone wall along the entry path.

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