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Angry Blogger Designs Better Computer Desk

Browse at Ikea or Staples for a new computer desk and they’ll all look sleek and elegant enough, until you get all your stuff out on them and then they become the usual ugly mess of cables.
desk 1 diy
They never look like this in real life. Table designers simply are not addressing the problem that the ever-growing mass of cables poses. Now one fed-up computer geek has designed his own.
desk 4 diy
From blogger Elzr comes this very simple but effective clutter killer new desk design. The desk puts a shelf – in the back.
desk 2 diyThis shelf is quite shallow, so there’s still lots of room for knees in front.
desk 3 diy
On the shelf go all that horrible mess of all those cords and cables and whatsit. Now everything that possibly can go there – is concealed there.
desk 6 diy

The simple slot towards the back of the table, together with the shelf, manage to be both extremely flexible, and very effective in reducing clutter. And the widened holes at the sides at the bottom of the slot allow for whatever computer designers will come up with next.

As he says: “I’m no big fan of the corner cable holes in many commercial office desks (an unrelenting blight). A tabletop-length slot is a striking feature but it provides much more direct and flexible cable throughput.”
desk 1 diy

It is a simple, almost classic design, and it solves a real problem.

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  1. mblanch Says:

    Bravo! Looks good and serves its purpose in the most efficient way possible. Now where to purchase it?

  2. Anthony G Says:

    Where can I get one?

  3. Susan Kraemer Says:

    I think you'll have to make your own… unless a design firm noticed this idea…?

  4. Computer Repair Says:

    Wow great design. Where can i find

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