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A Sweet Holiday Cottage on the Baltic Sea

Baltic10 architecture

On the archipelago of islands dotted throughout the Baltic Sea are many little holiday chalets.

Baltic4 architecture

This is because average people in Sweden and Finland have vacation time that we Americans can only dream of.

skeppsholmen1 architecture

They use it to spend that abundant stretch of time to live the good life economically, in little holiday houses.

Baltic2 architecture

This sweet house in the Swedish archipelago is typical of that fresh and forthright egalitarian style.

Baltic5 architecture

The Swedish sense of style, understated as it is, informs these kinds of houses.

Baltic6 architecture

These are not houses for the rich to slum in to get away from their slick city townhouses.

Baltic8 architecture

They are simply houses for average people to take a holiday break and enjoy nature.

Baltic7 architecture

So rooms for sleeping are not hugely well organised.

Baltic9 architecture

The kids might bunk up together in rudimentary small bedrooms.

Baltic11 architecture

But the typical Scandinavian bathroom is well set up to keep squeaky clean.

Baltic3 architecture

Many of these holiday houses are not huge.

Baltic12 architecture

But for a getaway in Scandinavia – to enjoy those long summer evenings in the land of the midnight sun – that is enough.

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3 Comments so far to “A Sweet Holiday Cottage on the Baltic Sea”
  1. lula loubet Says:

    Me encanta la decoración, la arquitectura, y sobre todo el lugar adecuado para cada inmueble!!!! una pagina increíble. Felicidades!!!!!!!!

  2. lula loubet Says:

    Me encanta el lugar!!!!!

  3. James Says:

    Nice pictures.I like the designs of holiday homes in near the Baltic Sea.I think I can relax there.Good place to spend the coming holidays.Thanks for sharing.

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