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Swedish Archetype Becomes a Summer House in Österlen

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A sweet summer house by LASC Studio in the summer vacation spot of Österlen in Sweden renovates a traditional Swedish farmhouse, that looks like a child’s drawing of “home.”

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Using the attic space above the childrens’ bedrooms, the parents sleep on a spacious mezzanine, in the most beautifully proportioned attic space.

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The view from their door looks out across the roof of the old farmhouse, and down into the living room. The shots of cheerful colour remind this family that it is the long summer holidays.

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Coming down the stairs to the main floor, the counterpoint to the orange, a bold turquoise connects with a jolt to the warm tones of the pine.

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The rafters are a reminder of the original abandoned farmhouse building.

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Only part of the house has a mezzanine to the parents attic room.

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Construction is simple, materials are economical and plain.

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Underneath, two childrens’ bedrooms are approached from a hallway sided with the same cheery turqoise,

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The turquoise hallway announces a transition to the childrens’ bedrooms on the main floor.

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Towards the kitchen, concrete takes over from the wood used on the bedroom side of the summer house.

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The plan for the main floor shows where the stair to the mezzanine attic begins above the childrens’ bedrooms.

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The sweet abandoned farmhouse cluster had a tiny annex on one side of the second building, that is now the bathroom.

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Its own steep pitched roof makes for a memorable bathing experience.

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In one corner is a shower, using the same turquoise colour for tiles.

This time, the colour pops against the warm tones of the old concrete floor.

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Bath taps have been mounted right where they are needed on the most rudimentary hunk of wood.

A tranquil scene of the Swedish countryside soothes tired bathers.

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