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An Ageless Beauty in the Valle de Bravo Mexican Jungle

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Mexican firm CHK arquitectura have concocted a dwelling that is quietly absorbed into the surrounding forest like an ancient ruin.

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The Maza house is like an apparition in the forest of Valle de Bravo.

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Parts of the naturally weathered concrete exterior look as if the house has been long abandoned to weeds, like a ruin that has seen better times.

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But its cascades of terraced green roofs sprouting weedy growth top fully glazed interiors.

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It is a restrained and elegant house that is full of surprises and contrasts.

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Stained concrete gives way to the warmth of travertine floors and the civility of built-in dropped seating.

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A bedroom is both completely in the jungle and is completely sheltered from it by the thick timber cladding.

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Abundant use of heavy timber creates an almost cave-like shelter, rich with contrasts.

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The monk-like simplicity of a serene listening spot for the call of the cicadas buzzing outside in the jungle.

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The warmth and elegance of a utterly primitive and yet completely contemporary fireplace.

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The warmth of wood in the open plan dining area is reflected in the recessed lighting in the heavy beams overhead.

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Like the cascading roofs above, the open plan living/dining/entertaining space descends in levels.
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The sunken entertaining space is the last of these, opening out to the ground level.

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A natural pool outdoors suggests the peace and quiet of a slow moving stream in the forest.
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Peaceful even is the complete lack of man-made landscaping.

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Contrasting with the green-tinged glass and the weathered concrete, the quiet exterior features bookish wooden screens of dark teak.

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It is a look at once unkempt and civilized.

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