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Design Dilemma: Stylish Home Offices

modern home office how to tips advice

Remember the days in which the home office was that barren little room off the garage that got very little love? There was the leatherbound encyclopedia set ensconced in a laminate bookcase, complete with a matching laminate desk and a battered office chair? Occasionally, you’d catch the scent of motor oil.

Well, today’s home office has come a ways from those days. In part, that’s because technology today is light and lean, allowing us to transform any corner of our homes into an office with ease. It’s also because more of us are actually using the space, and not just to pay bills on Sunday evenings. Enter the home office of 2014.

First and foremost, today’s home office exudes personality. It’s easy to do in a new paperless environment. Fewer of us have books that need shelving or stacks of papers to file. So out with the bookcases and files!

Above, check out a modernist office in Palm Springs that runs very efficiently with a simple table, a comfortable chair and a good light. What helps with the sense of light and ease in the space is the wall-mounted lamp which saves on desk space.


industrial home office how to tips advice

Today’s home office can take on the style of the rest of your home. And it can also hide in plain sight! (Thanks to laptops). Take the office  above. Actually, it’s is just a corner of an industrial loft. It doesn’t stand out as a home office because it’s simply a desk on wheels accompanied by a vintage office chair.  Industrial-style ceiling lamps complete the look, without a lot of fuss or to-do.


Below is another home office (actually a corner of a room) that flows seamlessly in style with the rest of the home. Part of the coolness are the seating choices. Instead of the large, overbearing office chair, we see a molded acrylic chair. The Jacobsen egg chair plays wonderfully against the organic forms of the desk chair.  We sincerely hope it belongs to either a graphic designer or a jeans manufacturer!

home design how to tips advice

Do you hate that feeling of being stuck inside having to work on a beautiful day? In the home office below, you can work and still feel as if you’re enjoying the outdoors. Again, notice the simplicity.

modern home office how to tips advice

Feel like you need more of a “real” office? There are some traditional offices, with shelves and file cabinets that still offer a lot of style. In the office below, there are shelves available for books, a small file cabinet for desk supplies, a cubby hole for printers and modems, and even a television which can stand in as a larger monitor when necessary. True, everything is much reduced in size from the mega-desks of yesteryear. And that’s a plus in our book.

contemporary home office how to tips advice

What else should you consider when setting up a home office?

  • If you can, go for natural views. According to psychologists a window on trees, a gurgling brook or some other bit of nature helps make you feel less stressed. If you don’t have a window, try adding a plant.
  • Use convertible furnishings. In other words, choose  work surfaces that can be easily rearranged to suit whatever your current need is.
  • Put some thought into the art and colors. The color of the walls, the pattern of the rugs, the wall art, all contribute to a sense of well-being in your space. If your office feels cozy and welcoming, you’re more apt to work well in that space.
contemporary home office how to tips advice

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