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The Contemporary Pearl of the Mediterranean

118 architecture

Sculptured slabs of white stucco embrace the blue Mediterranean skies in La Perla Del Mediterraneo by Spainville.

27 architecture

A dramatic architectural style perfectly reflects its elemental setting.

37 architecture

Surely the Greek gods of ancient fables will ascend these lime-washed stairs to the crest of the craggy mountain.

47 architecture

The structure is centered on a swimming pool jutting out on the second floor.

77 architecture

The placement of the pool creates a view as if from an eagles nest.

119 architecture

But actually, the house is set on a grassed plateau.

56 architecture

Its magic is part of its setting, near the heights of the mythic mountain.

67 architecture

The contemporary home is defined by complex interrelationships between the generous geometric volumes.

94 architecture

The weight of a surprising pergola in cast concrete is opposed by its sprightly white stucco finish.

105 architecture

The white respects the traditional lime-washed architecture of the Mediterranean, but takes the vernacular far into the future.

86 architecture

A pleasing and contemporary space for whiling away timeless Mediterranean summers.

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