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The Deck House Participates in the Malaysian Rainforest

deckhouse10 architecture

The stairs glimpsed inside the rainforest “Deck House” play a starring role in the experience.

deckhouse7 architecture


As you descend the stair you seem to be walking out into the rainforest.

The stairs share the double height glass conservatory of a huge glassed living room.

deckhouse6 architecture

From the living room the dark outline of the organized grid of metal window framing forms a civilized counterpoint to the untamed rampant forest beyond.

deckhouse9 architecture

The same rich red wood inside and out creates a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior, creating the sense of a much larger ‘landing point’.

deckhouse2 architecture

Once down in the living room, this double height glass for the stairwell creates a soaring conservatory feeling.

deckhouse3 architecture

The ceiling height lowers as you enter the more intimate but still airy dining room.

deckhouse4 architecture

And at the kitchen end of this open space, huge colorful paintings grace the wall at the back.

deckhouse5 architecture

High up within the tree canopy an airy master bedroom shares the forest with a curtain wall of glass slid entirely open.

deckhouse8 architecture

A stone deck off the bedroom offers a silky smooth cool surface for walking barefoot in the treetops.

deckhouse11 architecture

The Deck House was built in the Malaysian rainforest.
deckhouse12 architecture
Built on steep terrain in a lush forest, it is supported on poles with minimum interference to the forest floor.

deckhouse1 architecture
Designed in steel and glass by architect Choo Gim Wah, it is resistant to the mold that can bedevil houses in the tropics.

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