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Design Dilemma: Retro Refrigerators to the Rescue

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The last decade has been one of stainless steel appliances. The ubiquity of the look has caused a backlash. A growing contingent of folks are looking for something quirkier and less uniform. Enter the retro-look fridge. The retro, 50’s style fridge has become something of a classic. It’s rare enough in kitchens to seem really unique but classic enough that no one is likely to dismiss it as just another trend in a few years time. Smeg, Big Chill are Elmira are three appliance makers who sell the look but there are others.

Here’s an example of the Smeg:

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And here’s an example of the Big Chill:

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What’s cool about these refrigerators is that they so seamlessly fit into any type of decor, whether it be modern, retro or traditional. For instance:

eclectic kitchen how to tips advice

The kitchen above is a sort of classic transitional, and the blue retro refrigerator makes a perfect focal point that fits in beautifully.

Here, on the other hand, is a retro style refrigerator in a retro kitchen:

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And the below kitchen is an example of a modern kitchen with retro fridge:

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Here’s another modern kitchen incorporating the retro fridge:

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See how well the retro fridge works in all types of design styles? From industrial to modern, to traditional, classic and funky, the retro fridge can hold its own. There’s only one problem —  the price. One of these babies will set you back a minimum of $2,000 or more. Prices are usually closer to $3-$5,000. In fact, we’re pretty sure it’s the price point that keeps these appliances “unique”. Not many people can afford that price for just a fridge. GE has come up with a compromise for those who love the retro look but not the price tag. It’s called the GE Artistry line, and its a blend of retro styling and modern clean lines. Take a look:

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The GE version of the retro look starts around $1,000, making it much more affordable than the true retro fridges. It retains just enough of the 50s look with the stainless steel handles, that it is sure to up the style quotient of your kitchen, and will give you a look other than the ubiquitous stainless steel monstrosities out there.

So if you’re tired of stainless steel and wondering what to do, know that you’ve got options!

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