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An Utterly Surreal Home on the Chilean Coast

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This amazing home is simultaneously dug in to and soaring over the cliffs on the long and lonely Pacific coast of Chile.

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The contradiction between the earthbound nature of its green roof and the lyrical inspiration of its soaring glass and concrete tower makes this an arresting architectural gem.

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The soaring expanse of glass in the resulting cliff top perch of a living room offers an intimate view over the crashing waves below.

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Two full stories of unbroken glazing supported on tall concrete pillars make its astonishing views possible.

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Entering the soaring space would be like plunging into the ocean, through dramatic interiors that are vast and airy, with limitless horizons.

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As if dislodged by the wave action, the window panes are jigged up and down.

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By contrast with the drama in the front, a quiet protected courtyard burrows into the hilltop away from the crashing waves.

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The kitchen oversees this peaceful protected courtyard scene.

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Another contradiction: a romantic lilting curved roof defies gravity – in heavy mundane pedestrian concrete.

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Yet the concrete is appropriate: no less enduring than the rocky outcropping of the cliff itself.

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Towering over the protected courtyard, the undulating concrete roof suggests the power and the motion of the vast ocean waves.

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In a lonely setting overlooking the vast reaches of the Pacific Ocean, architect Raimundo Anguita has created a true work of art.

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