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Design Dilemma: Of the Moment Bathrooms

Just like every other room of the house, the bathroom is subject to trends. And if you’ve ever walked into a pink and black-tiled bathroom or a powder room encrusted in silver lame` wallpaper, you’re well aware of that fact.

So what are the big trends happening this year?

Here’s a rundown.

Black, Black and more Black.

Now, we’re not just talking tiles, as in the uber-chic extra large subway tiles in the shower below. (By the way, unusual tile sizes, like 4 x 8 or 2 x 9 are very popular right now.)

transitional bathroom interiors

We’re talking black tubs!

contemporary bathroom interiors

The bathroom above features a freestanding Caroma Noir bathtub. The black is picked up again in a Nero Tempest marble wall.

Here’s another example in a luxe traditional bathroom:

traditional bathroom interiors

And a third, simpler bathroom picking up on this trend:

transitional bathroom interiors

And finally, a very cool looking black stone tub:

bathroom bath trends 1 interiors

Will we all cringe at this trend in a few years time? Maybe. But what you will notice is that all black tubs are freestanding tubs — some modern, and some the traditional clawfoot tub. Unlike the last time black made it’s way into the bathroom, you rarely see fixed tubs set into the wall in black.

Floating Vanities.

They’re baaa…ck! You may have long dispensed with the notion of floating vanities as being too impractical for your cramped little bathroom where you could use drawer and cabinet space for shampoos and towels and hair dryers. But nevertheless, floating vanities, no matter how impractical, are making a come back. And for those who love the look, there are advantages to this style. A floating vanity can open up floor space, making a small bathroom feel larger. It’s also so much easier to clean. Here’s a particularly nifty look below:

bathroom bath trends 5 interiors

For those of us who can’t give up entirely on the notion of some storage, fortunately, more and more floating vanities also incorporate a little.

modern bathroom interiors

Curbless Showers

We’ve mentioned this trend in earlier posts, and it’s still going strong. Today’s showers move seamlessly from bathroom floor to shower floor.  This can be a great look particularly in small bathrooms, where an uninterrupted floor appears more spacious.

traditional bathroom interiors

Neutral Matte Tiles in a Concrete Finish
Sure, shiny white subway tiles are a classic that will never go out of style, but this year, the rage seems to be in matte tiles in a neutral finish like concrete. Something like the tiles below:

bathroom bath trends 2 interiors

It’s a sophisticated look, a bit industrial and very modern. Here’s another take on the same trend below:

contemporary bathroom interiors
Contemporary Bathroom by Irvine Kitchen & Bath Fixtures LeichtUSA

So what’s your take on this year’s bathroom trends? Will we all be knocking out these fixtures and tiles in a few years, or is there staying power here? From the looks of things, each of these trends is just restrained and classic enough that no one will be offended in 20 years time by your curbless shower. So enjoy!

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