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Another Serene Central Courtyard House in Japan

shift9 architecture

With all these glimpses of filtered daylight in this home, you’d ever guess no light comes from outside its walls.

shift2 architecture

But there are no windows at all on the outside of this family’s live/work home in Tokyo.

shift8 architecture

Satoshi Kurosaki/APOLLO Architects & Associates created this solution for an insurance manager and a patternmaker and their two children.

shift6 architecture

The wife also likes to teach yoga, and an upstairs space is allocated for her classes.

shift5 architecture

The solution is one we’ve seen several examples of in Japanese architecture: a central courtyard brings all the daylight needed in to the heart of the home.

shift1 architecture

A single tree in the courtyard centers the architecture.

shift4 architecture

The family’s seclusion from society is not echoed in the interior.

shift3 architecture

Entirely open on the inside, the glass walled rooms are visible to each other around the courtyard.

shift5 architecture

Although this seems impossibly claustrophobic from outside, from inside the spaces are well lit, open and serene.

shift7 architecture

And the open-air garden at its heart makes it possible to experience Japan’s four seasons to the fullest in this house.

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