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Razzmatazz! A Bioscience Building

1a architecture

The La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science is covered in a riot of hexagonal windows.

12a architecture

The tessellation is based on the hexagonal geometry of molecular structures.

9a architecture

The extruded windows create unique spaces within.

8a architecture

So often, a really groundbreaking exterior like this results in interiors that suffer, but this is all good on both sides – in its nutty way.

4a architecture

Bright primary red, orange, turquoise and white is softened by the use of warm natural wood both around the windows and at the base.

2a architecture

The manmade wonder of the structure is wittily contrasted with the simplest possible landscaping of “a lawn.”

3a architecture

I think studying here would be pure joy.

10a architecture

i’d imagine all the sudden interruptions and the riot of colors tends to jolt students into fresh thinking.

5a architecture

Could students get bored or depressed about their exams in such an environment? Hardly!

6a architecture

They’d only have to (attempt to) grasp this wacky giant railing in rich orange to see the absurdity of it all.

11a architecture

I especially love the way these hulking wood columns appear to be huffing and puffing about the effort of holding it all up!

7a architecture

You have to wonder if the dreary university buildings across the lawn are jealous!

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