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Exotic Casa la Punta Retreat on Mexico’s Coast

Casa La Punta3 architecture

Casa la Punta is an opulent and sophisticated retreat, sketched in in a minimal design for eccentric clients.

Casa La Punta2 architecture

Because of a balmy year round climate, this spectacular house in Nayarit, Mexico, is designed to be open to the weather.

Casa La Punta1 architecture

Three pavilions, with walkways between, separate the public and private spaces of the house.

Casa La Punta4 architecture

Just steps away from the beach, the barest separation from nature is made.

Casa La Punta5 architecture

Mexican architectural group Elías Rizo Arquitectos have created a home for entertaining on warm summer nights.

Casa La Punta7 architecture

The vast serene horizon over the ocean is an essential part of the contemporary opulence of the design.

Casa La Punta8 architecture

The house perfectly captures the romance of its wild site on the gorgeous coast of Punta Mita.

Casa La Punta15 architecture

Echoing the architectural forms of the simple pavilions, a concrete counter top adds gravitas to the kitchen overlooking the sea.

Casa La Punta14 architecture

Good food cooked in the huge kitchen complements the salty tang of the sea air.

Casa La Punta91 architecture

A wooden walkway connected to the beach stalks through the tamed jungle garden.

Casa La Punta10 architecture

Luxurious but relaxed, a welcoming retreat is created in an isolated place surrounded by raw nature.

Casa La Punta11 architecture

Here it is possible to enjoy an open air bath in nature’s vast bathroom under an open sky.

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