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Design Trend: A Classic Table with Contemporary Appeal

tulip2 furniture 2


There’s really only one table that holds a special place in the heart of modernists in search of classic style.  It is, of course, the iconic Tulip table, designed by famed Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen. Lovingly designed nearly sixty years ago, this table is still de rigueur in 2013.  It beckons seductively from fashionable city lofts, high-end design magazines, trendy blogs, and of course, from the set of Mad Men. Here’s one example as an oval, available at Rove Concepts:


saarinencontemporary furniture 2

And here’s another example, this time circular, also available at Rove Concepts:

tulip furniture 2

The Tulip table actually goes by two names: it is referred to interchangeably as the “Tulip” group and the “Pedestal” group. The group includes side and arm chairs, dining, coffee and side tables, as well as a stool. In the picture above, the tulip table is complimented by the tulip chairs. (Rove, which specializes in iconic mid-century furniture carries all of these.)  Both names hint at the table’s enduring appeal: Because it sits on a pedestal, the table is streamlined. It has a very natural organic feel due to the curve of its single leg. Simple organic elegance has kept this baby in the pantheon of furniture design superstars.

If you’re in search of a Tulip table, you need not feel restricted by your own home’s design. Saarinen tables can work equally well in turn of the century homes as they do in modern high rises. Take a look:

saarinenclassic furniture 2

See how well the Tulip chairs and table look in this Italian palazzo, replete with frescoes and traditional Italian tiles? And below, check out this completely different look in an airy, modern home:

saarinencozy furniture 2

The Tulip table also looks equally fabulous in black, First in a more traditional setting:

modern day black tulip rect540 furniture 2

And below, in more contemporary digs:

blacktulip furniture 2

The Tulip table, available at Rove Concepts in black or white carrerra marble or black granite simply looks fabulous everywhere. If you’re in search of something sleek but not trendy, this table should be at the top of your list. But then again, it probably already is!

Images: viaFlickr, Nuevo Estilo, Trip Haenish for Lonny, Design within Reach.

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