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Gorgeous Tree House Hideout Above the Costa Rica Jungle

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Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture creates a tree house effect for a family home perched above the Costa Rica rainforest.

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To access the glorious ocean views, the home is perched high above the tree canopy.

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On the steep site, this sort of pole construction barely disturbs the forest floor, which was important to the client and the architect.

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The resulting design has a wonderful Swiss Family Robinson appeal – it is more like a secret tree house hideout than a family home.

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This treetop hideout quality is emphasized by the steeply angled supporting columns and angled-up roofs.

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Both angles also reinforce the sense of looking out from an open yet protected space.

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The house is made up of three consecutive cabins with a linking outdoor corridor in front.

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The interior and the exterior is all merged into one single platform launching ground above the rainforest, with bi-folding shutter doors that are very rarely if ever closed.

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From this amazing perch, the family home has a real feeling of warmth and shelter.

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The master bedroom embraces the ocean views.

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Locally harvested bamboo lines a back passageway connecting the childrens’ bedrooms.

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Accessed along the back bamboo walkway, the childrens’ bathrooms are colored in a traditional green stucco.

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These bathrooms face and reflect the jungle behind the house.

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Bamboo is also used to make these beautifully crafted sliding doors, using local construction techniques.
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Rainwater is harvested from the roof and returned to the under forest allowed to grow beneath the house.
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Unlike some of the neighboring homes, Casa Flotanta is is an ecologically sensitive house that sits lightly on the land.

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