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Playa Vida Residence by Casis Architects Meets Unusual Brief

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In Panama, Casis Architects have built four residences in the Playa Vida Residences to meet an unusual requirement.

They must have timeless beauty.

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So the architects work from the theory of “La Idea Construida” of the Spanish architect Alberto Camplo Baeza, who exemplifies eternal beauty in architecture by taking light seriously as a construction element.

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Luxury and elegance is explored throughout in the simplest of spaces, all beautifully lit.

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The architects paint with light.

Direct unfiltered daylight is seen through a frame that itself diffuses light bathing it from the side.

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The deliberate placement of light achieves a serene and eternal quality.

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The tropical setting is an advantage, with its light in different qualities and quantities.

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At the entrance, a soaring outdoor atrium shelters a stand of palm trees, and in its formal architecture suggests a Victorian conservatory.

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This amazing four-storey niche for the mature trees becomes the defining image seen from the street.

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A separate dialogue with gravity is created with indoor/outdoor spaces hung within the overarching roof frame.

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The architecture is careful, formal; treating both light and gravity as basic construction elements.

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Filtered light glides through the weight of stone.

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Timeless beauty? Yes.

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