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Style and Balance – and Surprise – in Miami Villa Fendi

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In 2013, Villa Fendi sold for $14 million, breaking a record for the Venetian Islands.

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The sedately beautiful house was designed by rGlobe for the grandson of the founders of Fendi, the Italian fashion house.

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The garden side of the house faces the ocean, here suggested by a view through to the pool.

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The huge glass case above the garages has a surprising purpose. It serves as both entry (via elevator) and – in front – an occasional guest bedroom.

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So it is a curiously exposed room to be a guest bedroom.

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To get to the main part of the house, one steps out into the open air.

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This entry leads right past a bathroom, that has a wonderful open view but lacks privacy.

Perhaps the window can be opaqued when needed?

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At this height, the extended view past the guest bedroom is largely of the neighboring tree canopy.

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On the ocean side, the master bedroom repeats the extension of the guest bedroom, but it cantilevers out over the garden pool.

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In fact, as the plan shows, this echo is not an exact recreation, just a hint of the shape.

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Although this pure glass extension is a beautiful space, knowing that it is a guest bedroom combined with an elevator stairwell from the garage below takes away some of the charm.

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As does this surprisingly dreary kitchen.

For $14 million, this seems surprisingly lacking.

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