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Intriguining Ideas in a House Shaped Like a Bridge

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The Connecticut home designed by Joeb Moore+ Partners Architects is supported over a void like a bridge.

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The entry bridge echoes the Kent Falls setting – a series of cascades with many man-made wooden bridges across them.

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Entered on a second floor bridge from higher ground in the back, a living room below offers an inviting glimpse inside.

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This ground floor living room is actually an outdoor room with the comforts of a fire and movie screen “under the bridge.”

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The house spans the landscape with a central skylight bringing the tender northern light into its center.

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A sculpture inside upends and repeats the bridge theme.

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The living and dining bridge – open on two sides – is parallel to the meadow and the valley.

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A concrete foundation pillar anchoring the living-dining bridge into the hillside also functions as a chimney.

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These structural bridge foundations become pillars in the interior above.

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The master bedroom is set at one end where the bridge touches down, creating a grounded feeling.

An altogether interesting concept.

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