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Subtle House of Shadows Solves Problem in Thailand

department of architecture1 architecture

Department of Architecture designed the clever Shadow House in Samutprakarn, Thailand.

department of architecture8 architecture

The site on a busy corner intersection presented a real challenge.

The up-scale residential estate its on forbids the use of any kinds of fences around the houses.

department of architecture9 architecture

So the design had to create some privacy for the residents exposed to views by passing motorists, at ground level.

department of architecture2 architecture

The solution was to map out metal lattice screens and sheer semi-translucent canvas panels projected at various distances from the block of the house, but all within a tight grid.

department of architecture4 architecture

This series of screens outdoors on the attached terrace create privacy and allow partial views, without strictly constituting ‘fencing.’

department of architecture3 architecture

This subtle solution creates a series of soft baffles in canvas to buffer the house from the street, in a space that appears in constant motion.

department of architecture11 architecture

As the sun sets and twilight falls, the screens net the shadows of trees, and as dark falls, the lights of passing cars are projected on the semi-translucent screens.

department of architecture6 architecture

The motion of these shadow images across the panels suggest the motion of black and white movies projected onto movie screens.

department of architecture5 primenature11 architecture

Compared to the difficult site, the owner’s brief was comparatively simple: his bedroom on the ground floor.

department of architecture14 architecture

On the second floor the client’s mother and his sister have more secluded bedrooms.

department of architecture12 architecture

On the ground floor, one long great room houses the public shared living and dining area.

department of architecture13 architecture

At one end of this simple block of space, a contemporary kitchen for the small family.

department of architecture7 architecture

The imaginative solution extends the great room into an indoor-outdoor al fresco room with the modular grid of lattice panel screens creating intimacy despite the very public site.

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