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Design Dilemma: Subtle Decorating Changes for the Indoor Season

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With the coming of Halloween, we unofficially enter the “indoor” season. This is the season of nights spent before a crackling fire, intimate dinner parties with friends, and plenty of snuggling in the couch to read that good book. Winter is a time when we can take solace and refuge by retreating into homes that offer comfort and shelter when the weather outside turns inclement.

So in an effort to help you prepare for the coming winter months we offer a few small changes to help make your home cozy, refreshed and prepared, at minimal cost.

1) Set up a winter station for umbrellas, coats, boots.

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We’ll be facing rain, sleet, snow and mud in coming months. Prepare for inclement weather by dragging out your boot tray, your umbrella stand and your coat rack, which you may have put away during the summer. In cold and snowy reasons, boot trays are especially indispensable for protecting delicate wood floors.

2) Roll out your throw rugs.

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People living in warmer climates often put away rugs during the warmer months to experience the feel of cool bare floors on their feet. But as the temperatures dip, we’re all craving warmth and softness. A throw rug is the fastest way to get that warmth and is an extremely versatile way to cozy up and personalize a home, as rugs can be layered, paired and moved around from room to room, depending on your mood. If you don’t own throw rugs or you are concerned about the cost, check out Craig’s List, or Ebay for deals. If you’re tired of the rug you own, keep in mind that many rug shops may be willing to do a trade.

3) Bring out the pillows and throws.

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In the summer time, that faux fur throw you got on sale may look ridiculous draped over the side of your couch. In the winter, it is nothing other than welcoming! Pillows, similarly, are another winter touch. Change your pillow covers from lightweight to heavier weight, and you’ll put your home in that cozy mood. The heavier-weight kilim pillows below exude fall.

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4) Add Candles

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It just goes without saying that candles are an important part of the fall and winter home. They are used to create an intimate warm tablescape during special occasions, as above, but are also an important component in other parts of the home. Take a look:

In an entry way they provide an immediate welcome.

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In a bathroom, they provide an intimate, spa atmosphere:

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In a livingroom without a proper fireplace, they can serve as a sort of faux fireplace.

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5) Stock the bar.

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Let’s face it, parties often involve the imbibing of spirits. And since you will likely be throwing a few parties during the next couple of months, it goes without saying that you will need to prep the bar space in your home.  If you don’t have a dedicated “bar” consider creating one. Although you may be imagining one of those elaborate bars we see  in decorating magazines, your bar space doesn’t have to be huge or extra fancy. It might be just the corner of a room:

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Or even just a cart:

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