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Maldives Escape to Paradise

soneva1 architecture

Soneva Fushi is a welcoming resort built in the Maldives, off the coast of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean.

soneva6 architecture

The setting is Kunfunadhoo Island, one of the twenty six small atolls of what the Dutch originally colonised in the 17th century as the “Maldivische Eilanden”.

soneva7 architecture

The resort is a series of small villas in the coastal jungle.

soneva14 architecture

The villas are perfectly embedded in the picturesque scenery.

soneva4 architecture

White walls provide privacy for each of the villas.

soneva9 architecture

There’s something of the tidy, house-proud Dutch aesthetic in the simple, practical tropical design typical of the region.

soneva8 architecture

The Dutch design imprint can be seen in this high verandah.

soneva10 architecture

How elegantly inventive is the rope for a handrail down the stairs.

soneva12 architecture

Natural logs are used to create banisters on this stair.

soneva11 architecture

Stucco is employed throughout, a practical material to build with in the jungle.

soneva5 architecture

Stucco does not rot, so this spot remains.

soneva2 architecture

A sun-trapping dry white barrier is created between the house and the insect life teaming in the jungle beyond.

soneva3 architecture

The greenery of the treetops is enjoyed, but the frequently muddy earth that jungles flourish in is hidden.

soneva13 architecture

The entire resort is secluded within a lush palm jungle on the beach.

soneva15 architecture

Seclusion on the perfect jewel of an island offers a perfect getaway.

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