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Ong & Ong Inserts Gorgeous Modernity into Old Singapore

55blair2 architecture
As always, Ong & Ong strike a lush balance between a controlled natural world and a contemporary aesthetic, here in a renovation of a traditional house.
55blair14 architecture
No attempt is made at kow towing to the traditions of the Singapore terrace house facade.

55blair13 architecture
Just open the old front doors and wham. A museum-like entry. Continue through, past the stairs…

55blair3 architecture

…now you see beyond the pool, the dining room.

55blair6 architecture

This means the kitchen and dining room can only be reached via the outdoor walkway by the pool.

55blair8 architecture

So the rather ascetic aluminum clad kitchen is sited outdoors – which is only possible in a tropical climate.

55blair7 architecture

A clever thing about it is that the dining table sacrifices none of the elegance of a real dining table, yet beneath it is the oven, the microwave and the bar fridge.

55blair10 architecture
At the front of the house, above the entry hall, modern life begins right behind the old facade windows.

55blair9 architecture

In this upstairs reading room, the residents clearly enjoy curling up with a good book.

An intriguing touch: they have all been re-bound in white in-house.

55blair12 architecture

The all-white books keep the view from the bedroom serene and un-distracting.

Behind the private upstairs sitting room, the bedroom is open to the front of the old house.

55blair15 architecture

Between the bedroom and the bathroom, the spiral stair comes up.

55blair1 architecture

Upstairs, in front of the spiral staircase, the sculptural shape of the bath is given star treatment. Each view of this house is a delight.

55blair11 architecture

The shape of the spiral staircase impinges a little on the interior of the bathroom.

55blair5 architecture

The tranquil view from the upstairs bathroom uses the air void created above the pool as a long view to greenery on the roof above the new kitchen.

1250632312 blairrd 13 architecture

The result is a glamourous space that meets the client’s desire for a light-filled space in place of the poky and dark original terrace house.

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