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Design Dilemma: Corrugated Cabins

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Cabin living has changed quite a bit from the time it meant a little log cabin in the woods. Modern cabins have gotten very modern indeed, embracing an industrial aesthetic that can go both rough and sleek at one and the same time. Don’t believe us? We offer two examples:

Llano, Texas

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Above, this cabin, designed by Austin architect Matt Garcia,  is one of four built by four different couples on a single lot. They’re built of corrugated metal, plywood and concrete. The aesthetic is modern industrial and the cabins were inexpensive to build. Inside, the same rough, unfinished look carries on:

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As you can see there is lots of reliance on polished concrete and plywood. Plenty of built-ins keep living simple and efficient.  Above, built-ins help outfit a simple home office. But built-ins extend to the bathroom as well:


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The livingroom is open, airy and efficient:

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Since the cabin is essentially one room, the living room is also the bedroom:

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Sometimes, plywood as a finishing material can come off as sort of sad. But amazingly, the plywood exudes a kind of rustic warmth that is perfect in this setting. Here’s a night-time view:

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New Haven, Vermont

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The Vermont cabin above also uses corrugated metal for a semi-industrial look. This cabin is much larger, and feels a little less rustic, and a bit more industrial than the Texas cabins. The colored steel beams used to support the structure add to the industrial feel.

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So there you have it. It’s possible to build a cabin out of metal and steel and retain a rustic feel!

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