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The Romance of a Swedish City Townhouse

romantic1 architecture

Browsing through luxury real estate listings in Sweden on ESNY, I came across this charming townhouse in the old city of Stockholm.

romantic2 architecture

The photography makes it appear more like an idealised painting of a place than a photo record.

romantic3 architecture

Each touch of colour seems so perfectly painted in place, while the gracious proportions of the old french doors are pure joy.

romantic4 architecture

These whimsical and softly tinted shots of colour have fun with the idea of decoration, from the acerbic pink pillow on the fainting couch to the romantic and silliness of the fairytale chandelier.

romantic5 architecture

Even the relatively poky old kitchen has been brightened by splashes of perfectly placed colour.

romantic6 architecture

After lathering everything in sight in white paint.

romantic9 architecture

The townhouse is very much a part of the old city.

romantic7 architecture

The old bathroom has been renovated several times to bring it into the age of plumbing.

romantic8 architecture

But even the ancient bathroom is just part of the romance of living in a city with a long history.

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