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Choosing Hardwoods to Create a Mood

I’ve written here about so many houses, and thought I’d do a recap of – just an aspect of all of these. Just the wood that is chosen.

All of the houses I write about use all natural and durable materials, and all are gorgeous – but some work better than others in getting across the personality the client is trying to create through the choice of woods.

zak3 diy

This wood ceiling works perfectly in this color.

Swedish  houseboat1 diy

The choice of wood, and how it is stained (or simply whitewashed) in a home is the key to creating a distinctive mood.

tws 2 diy

In this house in Jakarta this combination of woods is almost like sandalwood perfume.

hardwood japanese diy

By contrast, unfinished woods in modern Japanese architecture creates a completely different feeling.

Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates Wooden House 588x441 diy

Of course, unfinished woods are only possible if the client’s family wears socks inside!

sms 15 diy

The opposite, completely black stained wood, is also popular in Japan.

Red house 2 diy

This bold architect in Finland also makes use of the look of pale woods, but this house is offset by a jolt of red!

CostaLanta2 diy

Dark exotic woods like Kempas and Iroko and Lapacho and solid roast blacknut create warmth and cheer like at this Thai eco resort.

Leschi Residence 81 diy

Employing a patchwork of mixed and matched woods gives this hip Seattle house personality and tones down its trendiness with the timelessness of wood.

Sebastian Mariscal diy

Blackened wood like that used by architect Sebastian Mariscal creates a mysterious elegance.

Palmyra House diy

And deep shades suggest the ease of life in the sultry tropics – as in this beauty from Mumbai Studio, which always brings great craftsmanship to their work.

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