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Now here is a portable fireplace with a virtual flame. We have seen others in the past but never as sleek and clean as the Uppingham. This is a wall mounted open front electric fire, that can literally be hung on the wall Not worthy, Impressed….we were. It gives the illusion that it is recessed into the wall, but it’s just hanging like a picture frame. It, however, can not be recessed.

It comes standard with 2 included fascia options of all black or black with horizontal stainless steel panels (pictured above). Also standard are the 3 different fuel effects; pebbles, white chips, and shells. You decide what your ideal look of the fireplace is. Another cool standard feature is the Thermostat and remote control. The heat output is 1 or 2kw or you can set it on light effect only.

This beautiful fire is also quiet. No fan heaters for this little gem. It uses a silent convection heat output, sweet Winking. The Burley Uppingham offers the ability to have a fireplace or not at your leisure. Learn how to get yours at Burley.

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3 Comments so far to “Burley Uppingham”
  1. Grant Says:

    That looks awesome, and would fit in almost any house.

  2. Macrike Says:

    Awesome. I think I’m in love.

    *runs off to the shop*

  3. M48 Says:

    simply beautiful!! must get!

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