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Gira Homeserver 3

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This is a must for all you internet junkies, gadget gurus, and anyone wanting/needing complete control of their home. The Gira allows you to know what is or is not going on in your home at all times. The system works with WAP mobile phones, PDA’s, and anything using the internet. It is a full monitoring computer system for your home.

With the Homeserver 3, you can control and maintain room temperatures, control blinds, electrical devices, and it works as a security center. Basically, anything that can be controlled through an electronic device is controlled through the Gira Homeserver 3. It has a beautiful, oh so Chic touch screen monitor. Just the monitor itself looks impressive, doesn’t it Day dreaming? It tells the weather conditions, has email capabilities, and is a music player! This is the ultimate home improvement, it’s like having a “smart home” Winking. We love it! Learn more and find about getting your own Homeserver 3 at Gira, also you can read reviews on home security systems at, you definitely won’t regret this.

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5 Comments so far to “Gira Homeserver 3”
  1. stef Says:

    Who wouldn’t want this in their home! It looks like it would be easy to use! I want one!

  2. Grant Says:

    Who doesn't want one. But think about it. Getting that and then wiring it up will cost a lot.

  3. HDF Says:

    @ Grant We’re sure if you could afford one of these, you shouldn’t have any problems affording someone to hook it up for ya.

  4. Grant Says:

    @HDF That is a fair poiint.

  5. Gira Homeserver 3 Tuo Tyylikkyyttä Kodin Automaatioratkaisuihin | Wautsi.Com Says:

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