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Kinesis Personal Heritage

kinesis home gym furniture 2

At first glance, it may be mistaken as a piece of furniture or some new art deco, but this is actually a well designed home fitness system. Impressive, eh Winking. This system designed by Technogym combines fitness and interior design into one compact little package. Making the Kinesis Personal Heritage both functional and attractive. That’s the first time we have used those words to describe a home gym.

kinesis gym open furniture 2The Kinesis may look differently from other fitness machines, but it works the muscles just as well if not better, in some cases, than the machines you are used to. Using the Kinesis, chest, back, glutes, quads, and abs are worked in standard movements, or you can combine movements to work several muscle groups simultaneously. Uses a pivoting pulley system so you feel smooth movement in all directions.

Kinesis measures in at a length of 45in, in use, and 18in when not in use. So, thin enough to be placed wherever you like, without it overtaking the room. Always good when dealing with fitness equipment. Kinesis Personal Heritage is a universal piece of home equipment that allows you to perform over 200 exercises on one machine. Check it out!

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