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Design With Life

color changing wallpaper art home decor

Schi Yuan brings products to life with these unique items. Things you may fine ordinary and not very inspiring, are made into interesting decorations. By far the coolest item we have seen is the heat sensitive wallpaper. Just the name sounds cool! When heat is added to the wallpaper it changes color, which leads to some pretty amazing results. Check out how the flowers come to life and blossom from the heat of the radiator, pretty neat! The hotter it gets the more it blossoms.

color changing painting art home decor

A painting also works with heat. You can touch it and certain parts will change colors. Very artistic, in our opinions. There is also a calendar which will fade as the day passes. The ink of the calendar fades the numbers and words throughout the day. By the evening you are left with just a faded hint of what once was the day. The items are made using heat sensitive paints, how very creative. Check out the products in action at Schi yuan.


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