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Extreme Graphite Oak Kitchen

graphite oak kitchen

Minimalism has been really making a name for itself in the kitchen. The Extreme Graphite kitchen is a great example of why. The cabinetry is made with stunning graphite oak and is characterized by large lower drawers. The double drawers have a clean simple look. They appear to be one large drawer but once open it has 2 distinct storage spaces.

A highlight of the area is the low level seating arrangement. The beautifully arranged table protrudes out at a 90° angle, making perfect use of space and function. Every surface in the kitchen has a reflective effect to it, light just seems to bounce off of it.This is an ideal neat-freak’s kitchen, every item has the perfect spot for it in this highly organized area. Make the Extreme Graphite Kitchen yours by contacting Extreme Design by KCA.

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