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Paul Smith Ceramic Bunny

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So here is a great way of bringing a bit of frivolity and fun into your home, its the Ceramic Bunny ornament by none other than fashion designer Paul Smith.

Paul Smith has always been known for his discerning eye and use of color so it makes sense that he now has a home collection.

– This rabbit would look great on a hallway table to add a fantasy feel to the entrance of your home.

– How about placing it in the bathroom, by the side of the bath or on to of the toilet.

– The adorable bunny would really fit in well in a kids room or even in a nursery.

– Why not place it in the kitchen? Kitchens that are decorated in white or in one block color will show off the boldness of this ceramic item to the max!

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One comment so far to “Paul Smith Ceramic Bunny”
  1. allison Says:

    the first thing i said when i saw the red ceramic bunny was i love!!!

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