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How-to: Replacing a Chandelier

chandelier how to tips adviceWhether you need to replace a broken chandelier or you just want to put up a new fixture, you can easily do it without the help of a professional. A chandelier can not replace any lighting fixture you had up before. It can only be properly installed where the correct ceiling box is anchored to the ceiling joists. Because of the weight of a chandelier, you must always make sure you have the electrical box properly supported. This project requires very careful attention to detail. For this “How-To” job, you should be simply replacing your existing chandelier. Ensure you carefully follow these steps.

 Here are the supplies needed:


  • New Chandelier and install instructions
  • Wire Strippers
  • Electrical Tape
  • Wire Nuts
  • Non-contact voltage tester
  • Screwdriver
    1. Find out the weight of the new chandelier. If its weight is similar to the previous chandelier you do not need to replace the ceiling junction box. But, if it is heavier you will need to do the added step of installing a junction box that will support the new chandeliers’ weight. (step #5)
    2. Turn on your existing chandelier and go the circuit box. Flip the switches one at a time until you get the one that turns the chandelier off. Leave it off.
    3. Test circuit breakers with the non-contact voltage tester to ensure the power is off.
    4. Get help to hold existing chandelier while you disconnect the wiring. While you are disconnecting the wiring, make sure to take careful note of how the wiring was installed. Mark the wires with tape.
    5. If new junction box was required, install it now.
    6. Begin installing the new chandelier hardware to the mounting strap. If you don’t already have one installed, use the one that came with the new chandelier (or buy one)
    7. Attach the mounting strap to the junction box.
    8. Connect the new chandelier the same way the old one was connected to the wires, matching like colors to each other. Remove half inch of the wire insulation from each of the new wires before attaching to the to the wire that previously on the old chandelier.
    9. After getting all the new wires twisted to the ceiling wires, twist on the wire nut in a clockwise direction.
    10. Now you are ready to simply follow the manufacturer’s directions that came with your Chandelier for installing it.

Once complete, you will have a beautiful new chandelier that you can also brag about doing the job yourself. A great added bonus to Do it Yourself projects Winking.

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